this is how I want to touch you

This is how it looks this morning: new bumps on my hand where the stitches used to be, bright and cleansing tea steeping, a quiet girl resting inside a sleepy woman. I’m doing everything but focusing on this blog this morning — today is that day: a day for embodied discombobulation with no blame, shame or guilt.


Got to do a very fun, quick-n-dirty erotic letter writing class last night (right before Rain DeGrey did her Strap-On demo class!), thanks to to the folks at Femina Potens and Mission Control! We spent a few minutes talking about why anyone might write a sexy letter:

  • to express things that are hard to say face to face
  • to seduce and/or keep an erotic connection with someone far-away (or close!)
  • to describe your desires or fantasies
  • to seduce yourself (remembering that writing itself, and writing about sex and desire in particular, can be a powerful and fun erotic, embodied experience!)
  • (why else?)

We had time for a couple of short writes and a few folks shared their work with the room — serious, intense, desiring, and funny pieces! We had a great breadth of tone represented, even though we only had time for a few people to read. I liked getting to focus on just one “form” of writing — the letter. The epistle has a great erotic tradition, and we have so many ways to participate in this tradition now: via email or blog-broadsides, text or twitter or facebook, or even, yes, the old school piece of scented paper, kissed with ink and wetted/sealed into an envelope. Erotic communications are more easily made public now, made available to more than the one intended recipient; we can seduce the world in 140 characters.

What would you write if you were writing a letter of desire to yourself? To your secret crush? To your beloved? To a community? If you began with the phrase, “This is how I want to touch you…” or “This is how I want you to touch me…” — what flows after that?

Thank you for the words that live out in public, for the words that live and are nurtured thick and powerful in your heart.

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