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Writing Ourselves Whole is a
fiscally-sponsored organization!

  • You can also send a check.  It should be payable to Intersection for the Arts (our fiscal sponsor). Please write ‘Writing Ourselves Whole’ in the memo line, so that Intersection knows who you mean to support with your donation!  Mail the check to: Intersection for the Arts, 901 Mission Street, Suite 306, San Francisco, CA 94103.

  • We can always use volunteers to help us post flyers and share information about the workshops — we’re going to start a quarterly mailing, and if you want to help stuff envelopes, let me know!

Thank you thank you thank you

Many folks have helped with Writing Ourselves Whole events and workshops — we definitely don’t do this alone!  This is just a short list of the folks without whom these workshops and events wouldn’t be here. With our deep gratitude for your support of all kinds:

The Butcher Family Foundation

Dirty Ink — Renee, Naomi, Renee, Dorian: Thank you.

Each and every writer who has ever participated in a workshop or writing group

Fresh! White

Tracey Weaver and urban university

Lisa Thomas-Adeyemo

Alex Cafarelli

Kathleen Delaney

Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

San Francisco Women Against Rape

Sarah Deragon

Pat Schneider

Chris DeLorenzo

Peggy Simmons and Green Windows Writers

Sarah Cross

Bay Area Women Against Rape

Marlene Hoeber

Lou Vaile

Veronica C. Combs/Vixen Noir


Amy Butcher

The Women’s Building

the SF LGBT Center (where we held our first workshops)

Carol Queen and the Center for Sex and Culture

The Center for Healing and Expression

Femina Potens

Susie Fought

Butch-Femme Socials

Molly & Myra Hope Eskridge

Christina Cicoletti

Jane Sheehan

Randy Dunagan

Jeff Jacobson

The Transformative Language Arts Network

the Flood Building, San Francisco

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

the National Queer Arts Festival

The Queer Open Mic

Karen Campbell

Touchstone Writers and Leslie Freeman

All at the Amherst Writers & Artists home office

[Please forgive me if I’ve missed your name or organization — this list is in progress!]

and, of course, I’m so deeply grateful to our fiscal sponsor, Intersection for the Arts!

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