Individual support

Sometimes it does not work to join a writing group, but you still would like some companionship and encouragement around your writing. I also offer individual support to writers:
Private Writing Sessions
Manuscript Coaching
Private Editing Assistance

Read on to learn more, or contact Jen for with questions or to schedule an intake session:

One-with-One, Private Writing Sessions

Get your writing out and onto the page in private writing sessions. During an initial intake, we spend up to an hour delving into your vision for your writing practice or project, and then I will develop individualized prompts to help free up your words, reconnect with your creative instinct, and release what wants to be written.

This will be a space where you will be invited and welcome to write exactly as you are drawn to write. We write in response to prompts intended to spark a creative or instinctual reaction, and my primary goal is to encourage each writer to build (or rebuild, as the case may be) trust in your own creative intuition (something we who have undergone a traumatic experience may have felt we had to ignore or disconnect ourselves from). I will be there to hold space as you find the words for sometimes difficult material. I will bring a variety of writing prompts, which tend to be more open-ended than explicitly directive.

Sessions held in person (in your home or in a cafe) or via Skype. Fee for these sessions is $125/hour. Contact me for more information or with questions.

Manuscript Coaching:

If you have a project in-progress, around which you need individual accountability and encouragement, we can work together to envision and establish big project intentions and then break that goal down into smaller, accomplish-able steps and practices which you can incorporate into your life and use to complete your project. Manuscript coaching includes manuscript review and positive feedback in response to newly-generated pages, but does not include project editing.

Meetings held over the phone or via Skype/FaceTime. Fee for these sessions is $125/hour. Contact Jen for more information or with questions.

Private Editing Assistance:

This sort of editing consultation includes a thorough read-through, in-document comments as well as detailed response for you to refer to later. I’ll say what’s strong for me, where I’ve got questions that keep me engaged (as well as questions that pull me out); I’ll also offer responses to your specific questions as well. We’ll schedule a time to meet so that we can talk about the feedback, you can ask questions, and we can have some further discussion.

Meetings held over the phone, in person, or via Skype/FaceTime. My manuscript editing fee is $60/hour. Contact Jen for more information or with questions.


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