transform your writing. transform yourself.

Möbius strip with the words "keep going keep going keep going" written in blue ink all along the whole strip of paperImage of Jen Cross, Writing Ourselves Whole facilitator

At Writing Ourselves Whole, we celebrate writing as transformative practice.

We believe in the power of story, the joy of writing, and the depth of human creative resilience. We believe in the power of community to hold, witness and celebrate the stories that we have been told are unspeakable. And we believe– particularly for survivors of trauma– in the liberatory uses of writing our desire.

“I love the voices of every writer. Truly, I have been deeply fed by drinking in what others write. (I have thoroughly enjoyed writing too.) I love this format and the safety created by your presence, heart, group structure, and everyone participating.”
– A Write Whole participant

Jen in her green sweater, leaning against a wall in DublinFounded by Jen Cross, MA-TLA, who’s worked with trauma survivors for more than fifteen years, and, as a trauma survivor herself, has used writing practice (both alone and in community) to transform and heal many aspects of her own life.

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