Creating communal change through individual transformation…

The vision: Writing Ourselves Whole seeks to change the world through writing — to encourage each of us who’ve experienced loss and/or trauma to open our hearts to ourselves and each other, so that we might live in a community of deep expressiveness and self-love, where each individual reaches his and her most complete self.

I envision a community aware of its full breadth and power, one that risks speaking truth to power because it has been heard and received by its peers: an empowered community, able to effect change.

We exist in the service of transforming trauma and/or struggles around sexuality into art, and creating spaces in which individuals may come to recognize the artist/writer within.

The mission: To offer safe, confidential writing groups — that allow for transformation, risk, laughter, and artistic manifestation — to a broad cross-section of the community. Some writing workshops focus particularly on those who’ve felt marginalized and silenced (survivors of sexual trauma and domestic violence, members of the LGBTQQI communities, and those who are poor, underemployed, or homeless). To engage a non-clinical, transformative and communal approach to PTSD. We recognize that resurrecting our own language, our true stories, is a necessary part of re-ordering ourselves after trauma.

To express our own story changes the world. Writing is both memory and possibility at once, and in moving through and with that tension, we create change.

Yes, it’s true. Writing can take you to the things you never thought you’d do, shift you into someone you never believed yourself able to be.