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cover for The Healing Art of Writing 2010My stories, creative nonfiction, essays, and reviews have been published in anthologies, magazines, online ‘zines, newsletters, and newspapers. I’m currently working on several longer projects (a novel and a collection of essays about writing as transformative practice for trauma survivors), as well as continually generating and polishing shorter pieces for performance.

Some of the books below can be found on Amazon or Powell’s Books or ABE; Amazon links provided here for your reference… please support your local independent bookstore!

  •  “curious” and “emergence” (poems), forthcoming in Sinister Wisdom 100 (2016)
  • “Writing Our Survival: Transformative writing for survivors and those who love them,” Survivorship Journal, Volume 19, Issue 2, Summer 2014.
  • notorious, a chapbook produced for Body Heat 2013.
  • “Queen of Sheba,” Women in Lust, Rachel Kramer Bussel, ed, Cleis Press, 2011.
  • “Waiting,” Frenzy, Alison Tyler, ed. Cleis Press, 2008.
  • “Business,” Ignavia, vol. 2.2. (was www.ignaviapress.com)
  • “Communities of scars” (review of Live Through This, Essence and Artifice, and Scars Tell Stories). make/shift: feminisms in motion, issue 4, Fall/Winter 2008.
  • unconsummated, chapbook produced for Body Heat 2008 (self-compiled and self-published)
  • “Bedrock” (monthly column) in Chill Mag (was at chillmag.com/)
  • “Landfill” (poem) Lake, ed. Chris DeLorenzo, Laguna Writers, 2006.

(The following were published under the name Jen Collins:)

  • “Metaphors, the Erotic & Survival or How I Learned to Use a Tool of Repressive Normalization as an Instrument of Eroto-sexual Revolution” The Erotic: Approaches to a cultural contextualization. K. De Temmerman, ed. The Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2005. ISBN: 1-904710-04-2
  • “Home is where the heart’s safe,” Maine Times, vol. 33 no. 34 (Jan 4 – Jan 10, 2001).
  • “Open Call for Participation,” BiWomen: Vol. 18, No. 3 (Jun/Jul 2000). pp. 1,8.
  • “An Advocate’s Role,” Article for Family Crisis Services newsletter, 1999.
  • “About Same-Sex Battering,” Family Crisis Services volunteer newsletter, 1998.
  • “Why Women Stay and Why They Leave,” Family Crisis Services informational handout, 1998.
  • “Isolated Memories,” BiWomen (Newsletter for the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network): 1995.
  • “Defining Lesbian Space,” Spare Rib: Vol. 5, No. 1 (Winter, 1995).

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