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Find out more here about our fees, deposits, refunds, and scholarships for our writing groups and workshops. Please see the Individual Support page for more information about coaching, editing, or manuscript consultation.  Please contact me with any further questions.

The fees and deposits for Writing Ourselves Whole workshops are as follows:

  • Writing the Flood – $30-75, sliding scale, for half-day group; $30 deposit required to register

  • Dive Deep – $1000 for 4-month group ($250/month)
    • $250 deposit required to register
  • Online groups – $250 for 6-week group
    • $75 deposit required to register

Deposits are required prior to the first meeting, to ensure your commitment to joining the group, and are nonrefundable except in cases of emergency.

How to pay deposits:

  • Payments may be made via PayPal or USPS.
  • With PayPal, you can send payments to jennifer@writingourselveswhole.org
  • With USPS, you can mail a check to Jen Cross (send an email for mailing address)
  • You may pay the remainder of your group/workshop fee at the first group meeting, via cash, check, PayPal, or credit card.

Refund policy:

  • Deposits are nonrefundable except in cases of medical emergency.
  • Workshop fees are nonrefundable after the second meeting of a group (except, as above, in cases of medical emergency). Please contact me after the first meeting if you are thinking you may not want to continue with that group.
  • Prior to the second meeting of a group, if you are not able to continue with the group, you will be refunded your workshop fee, minus the deposit.
  • If I have to cancel a group, all fees (including deposits) will be refunded. In the event that I have to cancel, I will also ask if you want to apply your deposit/payments to a future group.

Scholarships and Payment Plans:

I am almost always able to accommodate arrangements for payment plans (except for Writing the Flood). You can break the fee down into two or three payments; please send me an email with the payment amounts and the dates on which you’ll be able to make those payments. The fee must be paid in full before the workshop has completed.

Partial scholarships are available for any group designated as open to trauma survivors (this always applies to Write Whole: Survivors Write, and also applies to some Declaring Our Erotic and online writing groups).  Quarter and half scholarships are available on a limited, first-come, first-served basis. Because we want to increase the reach of these limited funds, we are not able to make full scholarships available for any writing group.

If you are interested in receiving a scholarship, please email jennifer@writingourselveswhole.org (or use the Contact page) with your name, the group you’d like to join, a bit about your financial situation, and why you believe that participating in this group would serve you.

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