AWA facilitators – join me for a conversation about writing with trauma next weekend!

Hello hello and happy autumn to you!

I just wanted to hop in here (for the first time in awhile) to invite any certified AWA facilitators who are interested to join me next weekend, October 8, for a post-certificate training about writing with trauma:

We who are facilitators of AWA writing groups know that trauma (our own and/or other’s) is in the room with us any time we gather writers together. We know that writing freely within the AWA framework can be a way to work with and restory difficult material, creating art out of some of the most painful experiences of our lives; we also know how painful and even frightening it can be when a writer shares a story of grief, fear, and/or violence. 

In this three-hour workshop, AWA affiliate Jen Cross invites you into a conversation about what a trauma-aware AWA facilitation practice might look like. Bring your questions, fears, suggestions, and resources. We will write together; share our concerns; consider the strengths, resilience, and wisdom of trauma survivors in your writing groups; discuss ways to increase trauma awareness and mitigate against inadvertent retraumatization.

Visit this link for more details and to register! I’m looking forward to the chance to connect with other AWA facilitators to write and think together about how we hold trauma (others’ and our own) during our writing groups/workshops.





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