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Find your center.
Write your story.

Wednesdays, 9:00am-12 pm

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Meridian: Of the center, core; in traditional Chinese medicine, the meridians are the paths through which life-force or qi travels through the body.

Are you ready to release the stories at your core? Meridian Writers is seeking writers who prefer a fun, generous and supportive atmosphere in which to write together and celebrate one another’s creative efforts.

Using the Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method, we write together in response to exercises designed to spark your creative imagination. All genres and all experience levels are welcome — give yourself the structure you need to let your writing flow. Writers at this workshop create work in many different genres: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, memoir, science fiction, and more. Whether you are working on a longer project or ready to let a new voice emerge, you are invited to join this community of writers who are connecting more deeply with their writing practice.

Every week, we have time for at least three ‘writes’; during breaks, there is time to connect with one another and chat. Coffee and/or tea will be provided, as well as light snacks (sometimes even including homemade bread).

At the end of our nine weeks together, you will have a strong new creative community, and a beautiful body of new writing.

This group meets in Oakland near several BART stations (space is not wheelchair accessible). Spaces are limited to 9 writers per workshop session.

Fee for our regular 9 week workshop is $425. Fees from this workshop help support Writing Ourselves Whole’s workshops for trauma survivors.

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  1. Hi Juliette! Thanks so much for this question — for the general topic 8-week workshops, I can invite folks in to just one session, to try on the workshop process and see how it feels (I don’t do this for multi-session survivors or erotic writing workshops, though). I will be getting a general topic, 10 week workshop going here in Oakland later this year — please let me know if you’d like more information!

    All best,

  2. Juliette Flores

    I was wondering if there was a drop in fee for just one writer’s workshop or is it treated like a process.?

  3. Hi Marcia! Thank you for this question — I’ve added fee information to each workshop page, so that it’s easier to find (fee information is also available on the Sign Up/Contact page). The fee for the Bayview Writers workshop is $325; we’ll have 6-9 writers participating, so there’s plenty of time for good writing and feedback.

    Please let me know if you have other questions!


  4. what is the fee for this workshop and how many people will be in it?

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