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  1. Hi Charna! I’ll send more details via email — so nice to hear from you!
    All best,

  2. Hi Jen,
    I’m interested in the dive deep workshop, but need to know more about logistics re: what day and time it meets. I live in Berkeley but am in SF on the and wed.

    I’m working on a memoir and have been living a pretty monastic, singularly focused life these past 10 months. I’m now craving a mentor and a writing group where I can share my writing and my process with people that are equally commited.
    Do we have an opportunity to feel you and the group out before we committ to the 3 months? If it feels right i imagining joining long term. Thanks.


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  8. Ellen LaPointe

    Right on! :)
    – Ellen

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  10. Ellen, that’d be fantastic — I’ll send an email and we’ll chat!

  11. Ellen LaPointe

    Hey Jen –

    Wondering if you have room for one more in this group. Thinking it might be just right. Would love to discuss. Let me know your thoughts here or in an email. Thanks!


  12. Hi Amy! So nice to hear from you! Right now, we’re planning on holding Dive Deep meetings in San Francisco — let me know how that will work for you!

    all best,

  13. Hi Jen,

    I hope you are well! Great job on all that you are doing! I went to your Writing the Flood a few times in 2010 and haven’t made it up from SJ this year. :( A question about Dive Deep, where will you be meeting? Just curious as this will play a big part of my decision. All the best to you, thank you!!! Amy

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