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starburst graffiti from berkeleySix-Week, Web-Based Online Writing Groups:

Write Whole & Reclaiming Our Erotic Story & Embodied  Writing online!
For those not in the Bay Area and therefore unable to attend in-person workshops, or for those uncomfortable with joining us in person, I offer online versions of my survivors (Write Whole), sexuality/erotic writing (Reclaiming Our Erotic Story), and embodiment (Embodied Writing) writing groups.

Participation in the writing groups is all asynchronous: you access exercises and readings, write and post your writing, and respond to others’ writing as works best for your schedule.

No special software required–just a web browser, Internet connection, and desire to write into your deepest stories.

Click here for an example of the video prompts we use in the online groups.

Here’s how the online workshops flow:

– At the beginning of the six-weeks, I schedule a phone conversation for the whole group so that we can briefly meet each other, discuss how we’ll work together, and talk about our hopes and dreams for the group!

– I post exercises each week (mostly as video prompts). Writers respond with a 15-20 min freewrite (1-2 pp max) for each exercise, and share their writing on the forum for that week’s prompts. Writers read and respond to their groupmate’s writes with using the Amherst Writers and Artists feedback method, describing what they liked and found strong in one another’s work.

– Several weeks, I also post a topic for conversation (sometimes a reading), and invite writers to participate in this conversation according to their ability, time-wise.

– I respond with brief feedback to every piece of writing posted. I schedule a 30-minute phone consultation during each session with every writer, during which we we will talk about that piece of writing or about writing more generally.

– I visit the forum several times a week, and offer each group a chat-space in which writers can connect in real time, as they are able.


17 responses to “online groups

  1. Hi there, G!

    Thank you so much for this note! I’ll send some more details about the online groups.

    All best!

  2. Would love to participate. Your book has meant so much to me.

  3. Do the on-line groups begin on-demand, or on a specific date? May I know if and how you handle coaching, and your fee, please?

  4. Hello Kesh! All information about workshop fees, refunds, etc., can be found here:


  5. What is th cost?

  6. Hi Jen,

    What is the cost of the online erotic writing workshop that begins on October 5? I’m thinking of participating.


  7. Hi, this sounds interesting to me. Would you let me know about pricing, if any. I live in SF. However, I would prefer a venue in the City or online. Thanks for replying to my email with the specifics and start dates./C

  8. Jen,
    For several days, I’ve poured myself into the project of locating an AWA-based online writing opportunity.

    I live in a remote location near the Oregon Coast. Very isolating as well as beautiful. I am enrolled in a second semester of an online phenomenon called Sketchbook Skool.” The format is much like what you are offering for writers — precisely what I want!

    Unfortunately, your new group started YESTERDAY. Any option for me to jump in now?

    What is the cost?


  9. This sounds helpful, in the pursuit of bringing body, soul, and spirit into harmony. Could you send me more info, as to what is required?

  10. I’m a grad student and interested in the online workshops (especially the embodied writing), I’d like a little more info & logistics.

  11. Hi Judy! Thank you so much for commenting here — I will be more than happy to send more information about the online groups. More soon!

  12. Hi Jen,
    I read your letter ‘ordinary and resilient'(the new Yorker) …thank you.
    I am interested in an on-line writing group, please send me information.

  13. Luanna Peterson

    I am interested in your online workshop. Also, do you offer
    coaching or mentorship? I am writing my first novel and I could benifit from the guidance of a seasoned and embodied author.

    Mahalo nui,


  14. Thank you for letting me know, Gwen — I will add your name and contact information to the waiting list for this group!

  15. Hi there,
    I have participated in a AWA writers’ workshop before and am interested in doing the Embodied Writing workshop online.

  16. Carol, I will be in touch via email! Best!

  17. Carol Pridgeon

    I would like to join your on line writing group. Namaste’

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