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Erotic AND Sexuality Writing Groups

Expand the depth and breadth of your writing, discover the gorgeous creativity of your erotic self, and celebrate your individual erotic story

Reclaim your sexuality! Gather with other writers to create a space in which we struggle with and celebrate the intricacies of our desire. Write in response to exercises designed to tap into different aspects of our sexual selves: memory, fantasy, experience, relationship with the body, and more!

You will get more comfortable exploring and talking about sexual desires, receive strong and focused feedback about your new writing, explore the varied and complex aspects of sexuality and desire in a fun and confidential environment, and, of course, try your hand at some explicit erotic writing!

Previous participants have found the group to be transformative, feeling that the work they’ve done has opened up and changed not only their relationship with their erotic selves, but with many other aspects of their lives as well.

Why enroll in an erotic writing group?

At Writing Ourselves Whole, we believe:

  • writing has the power to effect transformation, to spell out not only how one feels now but how one wants to feel, how one believes one can feel.
  • we expand in our erotic possibility when we become deeply aware of one another’s truths and desires.
  • there’s a power in writing about sex explicitly and in community, using charged and taboo language–we take that charge and make it our own, utilizing it for our own ends instead of remaining subservient to it.
  • much of our sexuality and our erotics are manifested through language–one of the ways to alter our reactions to all the sex-negative messages we are force-fed from birth is through practice and play with new language, in a less-charged space than a bedroom, alone or in the presence of others struggling and playing similarly.
  • we all need safe space in which to be our whole, complete and complex erotic selves — to delve into the desires that we’ve learned or been told don’t “go with” our particular identities.
  • when we risk empowering and transforming ourselves, we transform and empower the communities we exist within–and changing our communities means that we are changing the world!

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  1. I am Jeni, 28, and I would love to learn more about this group. I’m looking to getting back into creative writing and this sounds like fun! I’d like to know the duration, times and places, fees, and anything else you can tell me. Look forward to getting your email. Thanks.

  2. deepti srivastava says:

    i want to find and reclaim my voice – saw this description – invitation and my senses and self and love in now knowing what was real woke up – words started to flow a story told in stream between the lines of permission – it pours out -for a moment -truth …

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