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I remember when my friend Sinclair Sexsmith’s book Sweet & Rough came out; they talked about putting together a blog tour to support the book and to get the word out. I loved that idea — a book tour that involved no travel whatsoever! A chance to connect with new readers and fresh communities, chat with smart bloggers, share blog love, all while also getting to sleep in one’s own bed and not have to navigate yet another airport security line (huzzah!).

Well, now I get to participate in a sort of blog tour of my own! Thanks to the mighty efforts of Maya Peers Nitzberg (thank you, Maya!), I’ll be “touring” the web with Writing Ourselves Whole during the next month or so, with stops at some amazing communities, podcast and blog both. I’ll post links as I get them, and hope you come along for the ride!

The 2018 Writing Ourselves Whole blog tour!

3/5 – Interview with Kori Doty of Sex, Drugs, How We Roll podcast: Sex, Drugs and How We Roll – w/ Jen Cross, Writing Ourselves Whole

3/8Why I’m starting a writing practice to heal from grief and trauma, The Art of Healing Trauma blog, by Heidi Hanson

3/16sex, love, and all the feels:  http://www.sexloveandallthefeels.com/blog/poems-can-blossom-truth-within-our-hearts-guest-post-by-jen-cross

3/20 – On Lauren Sapala’s blog (writing coaching for introverts and others!):

4/7 –  Jen Cross: An Interview with the Author of Writing Ourselves Whole. An interview with Laurie and Debbie at the Body Impolitic Blog

TBD – Kitty Stryker and Consent Culture

4/12Writing Ourselves Whole: Transformation, Healing, & Queer Sex: An interview with Sinclair Sexsmith at the Sugarbutch Chronicles!

4/17 – Jennifer Cross Interview: Writing Ourselves Whole
Conversation with Dr. Carol Queen  for the Good Vibrations blog

4/22 – Jen Cross on healing trauma, dissociation, & the erotic: My conversation with Dawn Serra for the Sex Gets Real podcast

4/27 – Writing As Erotic Practice: Podcast with Chris Rose of Pleasure Mechanics! We chatted about how writing can be a tool to unlock more erotic freedom and possibility, and how reading erotica help us discover what is possible for our own sex lives…

5/7 –  Talking Writing Magazine: Video Interview with Elizabeth McShane about writing to heal from sexual abuse—and to find joy

Also at Talking Writing: What Writing About Trauma Can Do, an excerpt from Chapter One of Writing Ourselves Whole

5/11 – I got to chat with one of my long-time heroes, Tristan Taormino, for her (live!) radio show Sex Out Loud! Check out the podcast of our conversation: Jen Cross on Writing Ourselves Whole

Still to come:

  • A conversation with Annie Schuessler for her Therapist Clubhouse podcast!


Do you have a blog or a podcast? I’d love to connect with you!

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