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Thank you SF & SD! Body Heat’s heading out toward the Midwest!

I want to write more and longer about the two tour dates so far — the standing-room-only crowd in San Francisco’s Center for Sex and Culture (www.centerforsexandculture.org) who sent us out & off with the most extraordinary energy; the gorgeous, dedicated crowd at the Rubber Rose here in San Diego, who gathered in to each other and opened up to us as we performed… *however*, we have a 16 hour drive tomorrow (and that’s without stops!) & so I will try to say more once we are safely ensconced in Missouri, day after tomorrow.

Thank you to Carol & Robert, to the ladies at the Rubber Rose (Carly!). Thank you T.K & Mo! Thank you to my co-performers Veronica & Kathleen — & Celestina, we miss you! Veronica read your piece this evening to & with so much love…