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Body Heat, Fierce Hunger, and spring…

graffiti of a butterfly hovering a branch that contains two nests of heartsGood grey morning to you. Outside, the sky is clouded with mist and the daffodils have begun to show their yellow faces. I wonder if I will ever get used to California. Where I’m from, February, late winter, is the time of near despair: when will it ever end? It’s the time of seed catalogs and beginning to dream of spring. Punxsutawney Phil had some real news to deliver — please, please say it’s going to be an early spring, Mr. Groundhog. I don’t know how much more of this cold I can stand. But here out west, the bulbs start shooting up in January, and as the light begins to change, it feels like spring already even in these early months. How does the body learn to acclimate to a new way of being?

There’s quite a bit going on around here: Body Heat, Fierce Hunger, and a whole lot of workshops! Continue reading

The Body Heat Femme Porn Tour hits the West Coast, Feb 8-12!

We’re back on the West Coast, and coming to San Francisco, Ashland, Portland, Olympia and Seattle! Performing femmes include Kathleen Delaney-Adams, Alex Cafarelli, Al Schlong, The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins, and Jen Cross. This tour includes several opportunities to write with the femmes, and special guests at nearly every show! Come out and join us!
Body Heat: Femme Porn Tour is a national touring collective of fierce Queer Femme smut/erotic writers, authors, performers, poets, and dancers. Garnering such praise as “THE best Femme porn writers in the country,” the tour was founded in 2007 by Kathleen Delaney-Adams with the hope of supporting and promoting Queer Femme visibility and desire through their contributions to erotica, the sex industry, and the sex-positive movement. In addition to Kathleen, the Body Heat lineup features author Jen Cross, burlesque dancer The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins, drag king Al Schlong and singer/writer/performer Alex Cafarelli.

2013 West Coast Tour

February 8th
San Francisco, CA
Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
[Between 9th and 10th Streets, on the corner of Grace Street]
Doors 7:30, show 8:00 SHARP
Tickets $15.00
******SPECIAL GUESTS SHAR REDNOUR and MICHELLE MEOW from Swirl Radio!!!!!!!******

February 9th
Ashland, OR
Smut and Erotic Workshop:
3:00-5:00pm @ the Ashland Public Library
open to all, new and curious writers and established writers both!!! Led by writing facilitator Jen Cross of Body Heat
Performance: at Southern Oregon University, 1250 Siskiyou Blvd Ashland, OR 97520 $10 at the door Start time 8:00pm
The room is “The Arena” and it is located on the ground level (basement) of the Stevenson Union (the student center). Here is a link to a map:http://www.sou.edu/su/
**special guest Ashlandian JULIE WEBER**
Workshop – $15.00
Show – $10.00
Workshop AND show combo – $20.00
TICKETS IN ADVANCE AT www.loveashland.com
– Hosted by Love Revolution
111 East Main Street
Ashland OR 97520

February 10th
Portland, OR
In Other Words
14 NE Killingsworth Street
Portland, OR 97211
Show is afternoon matinee at 4:00pm
Tickets $10.00

February 11th
Olympia, WA
Evergreen State College
afternoon Erotic Workshop for Survivors of Trauma – 3:00 – 5:00pm open to all – Led by writing facilitator Jen Cross of Body Heat followed by sizzlin’ evening performance @ 7:30
Tickets FREE for all students and public

February 12th
Seattle, WA
Center for Sex Positive Culture
1602 15th Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119
Door 7:00, show 7:30
$10.00-$15.00 sliding scale

February 14th
show cancelled!!!!!!!

All locations are wheelchair accessible.

Performer Bios:

Body Heat Founder Kathleen Delaney-Adams is a Stone High Femme porn writer and spoken word performer. A National touring veteran, Kathleen is the founder and producer of BODY HEAT: Femme Porn Tour, now in it’s 6th touring year. A 1950’s housewife at heart, Kathleen’s current writing project is a Year of Cupcakes, found at http://www.belovedcupcake.blogspot.com/.
Her CD, “Stiletto,” is available at www.cdbaby.com.

Al Schlong sure is one sexy guy! Born of necessity, forged in the fires of the dirty dirty, radical as street sex, delicious as southern peach melting on the tongue. Al is one drag king not afraid to express his feminine side: cuff links, suspenders and bankers cuffs all make him leak a little pre-cum. Al Schlong is sleazy; he’s not the guy you bring home to momma; rather the one in the morning that made you feel like you’d stepped into a 70’s movie as the judgment-challenged heroine. Check out his Schlong on FB: www.facebook.com/aldirtysouth or Twitter: alschlong

Alex Cafarelli is a kinky genderqueer femme Jewish Witch based in Toronto. She debuted as a porn writer at age 10 with the short story Being Bisexual In One Day. Alex co-founded the Minneapolis-based performance group the Psycick Slutz and she performs with Sins Invalid, a San Francisco-based performance project on disability and sexuality. A professional gardener by day, she also teaches mindfulness and element-based magick with a feminist foundation in social and environmental justice. Find her on FB: www.facebook.com/AlexCafarelli

Jen Cross is a queer femme writer, workshop facilitator and performer whose work has appeared in a plethora of anthologies, including Women in Lust, The Healing Art of Writing 2010, Visible: A Femmethology (Vol. 1), Best Sex Writing 2008, Nobody Passes, Naughty Spanking Stories A-Z 2. Since 2002, Jen has facilitated sexuality and survivors writing workshops in the SF Bay Area and at colleges and organizations across the country. Visit her at writingourselveswhole.org.

For the past 10 years, The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins has been gracing stages across the world with her traditional burlesque. An ecdysiast exemplar, Vagina Jenkins style is reminiscent of classic glitz and glamour. Ms. Jenkins act defies audience expectations, wows them and leaves them wanting more. Be sure to check www.VaginaJenkins.com for Vagiant updates!

Shar Rednour’s show Love, Life & Sex on Swirl Radio features her smartest tips on dating, romance and long term relationships. As the Femmepress Shar, she wrote the LGBT’s femme “bible” The Femme’s Guide to the Universe which is newly updated and now an AUDIO book on Amazon! She has been a managing editor for On Our Backs Magazine and written for Playboy.com, Girlfriends Magazine, Good Vibrations Sexy Mama Magazine among others. She has been featured on HBO documentaries Real Sex and Pornucopia. She has been featured in award-winner Ken Swartz’s documentary “San Francisco: Sex and The City.” Shar Rednour’s erotic films have played in LGBT international film festivals worldwide.

femme shame

graffiti-esque image of a big girl in strapless top dancing, wrists blossoming with pink ribbons...

(Isn't this hot?! Click on the image for more of LibDescent's photostream!)

Being back from tour requires a kind of re-entry –it’s, yes, a bumpy ride. I can’t wait to tell you all about these last 10 days on the road in the Southeast with Body Heat!


A gorgeous ERC last night! There was cuckolding & an orgy & the truth about strapping on in the stories that folks read, plus so much more. Hot hot stories, tender stories, revelations, wantings, loss, fear, ache, plaster. Honest. We meet every fourth Wednesday of the month at the Center for Sex and Culture for the Erotic Reading Circle, and I’d love to see you out sometime soon!


I don’t have a lot of time to blog this morning because I’ve been notebooking (well, journaling into the computer, which has gotten easier over time, with practice, more like handwriting into my spiral-bound notebook) about shame. Femme shame, in particular. Internalized femme shame, somehow distinct from internalized misogyny, the stuff inside that calls me stupid, ridiculous, craven, painted, slutty (and more, and worse, though all that is really bad enough) for wanting to be a visible girl, a feminine woman, someone with curves, shape, adornment, someone desirable. Particularly desirable, in my case, to butches (and yes, babe, to  a particular butch), from whom I am so very different in presentation. Do you know what I mean? I mean the stuff that says, when my feet ache after 6 hours on a plane because I’m wearing tight tall peep-toe heels instead of flip flops or sneakers, What in the hell is the matter with you? You’re breaking yourself just because you want hir to find you sexy? Because my answer is yes. And because I want the girls to find me sexy, too.

At the end of my writing this morning, I thought, I need to spend more time with, create more time for, my femme friends at home. On tour, we get to admire one another 24-7, we get to make admiring comments about one another’s just about everything. And we get to talk honestly, ask honest questions about Do you really think this looks good? How can I make this piece of clothing work? What do you mean I can wear skinny jeans? We did that with each other this tour, got so honest with it, got to offer up to one another the particular cadences of our own places of shame (well, let me not name that for others — at least, I know this is true for me), and here these women who I so admire and can get jealous of for their confidence, their style, their power, they met these tender places with care, a kind of cradling,

And that’s one of the reasons I love Tour, and why I crash when it’s over. Yesterday I wore a short skirt, tall boots, flowy shirt, to work, and not one person exclaimed. Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but the fact is that, on tour, we get to be one another’s cheering sections, we get to be the people who go gaga for one another, we get to gush with a particularly (I’ll say it) femme desire, pushing one another up and up as we admire and adore one another. And when it’s over, I miss it — not from a vanity place, no, but from a connection place; it’s not a safe thing we’re doing in the world, being visible girls/feminine women, and it’s necessary to surround ourselves with the voices of those who adore us, and whom, too, we can adore right back, who tell us that yes, we are right to want to claim our beauty, our gorgeousness, our ferocity. So yes, I miss it when tour is over and I move back into silence, back onto the concrete streets where women are trained not to make eye contact with one another, where the butches slide their eyes away from me, where the eye contact I can make is with men who just want to offer something lewd — moving back from open roads, thick green encampments surrounding us, daring conversation, owning my own artistry to these silent grey carpeted cubes, the hum of fluorescent lights, the tick of keys beneath my fingers pus(h)ing out dry database requests instead of conversations about desire, something stickier, something wet.

There’s more to say about all this, but I need to get ready for work. Still, here’s a call to my local femme friends: let’s get together soon, ok? I need you.

And yes, a write, a possible write: what’s the name of the shame you or your character are wrangling with right now? Want to take a few minutes, 10 or 15, and let yourself find some words for its shape? Do you see it connected to other shames, or as the flipside to some other feeling/desire?

Your words are so important, and I’m so grateful for them, for you, for you, for you.

Hello from the road!

Just a quick hello to everyone! I’m out on the road with the Body Heat tour, and it’s strange not to have a computer or other way to regularly check email and/or update this blog — we’re having fun in the South, though, soaking up hot sun and thickening into the thunderstorms, loving the deep green and meeting wonderful folks. We’re in Nashville now, heading out to Planet Ida (also in Tenn. — we’ll be caming!), and tomorrow we’re going to rock Asheville! Love these women — I’m so grateful to get to be here.

Follow us on Facebook to get more updates: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/BodyHeatTour

(And just so you know, I thank you for the way you are present to all the green things around you, and always for your words.)

sharing our ink

the Dirty Ink logo, a woman lying on a pen, weilding a whip of words

the fabulous Dorian Katz's gorgeous logo for Dirty Ink! Click on the image to check out more of Dorian's work...

In just a day or so, I’ll be on tour with the Body Heat: Queer Femme Porn tour. This is the fifth iteration of this tour, and the fourth one I’ve participated in.

It’s strange for me, to have this be a normal thing to say: “Yeah, I won’t be here for that event, I’ll be on tour.” On tour? Me? How did that happen?

What I love about being a performing writer/artist is coming to understand, over the last six years or so (since the inception of Dirty Ink, a fierce-and-fabulous dyke erotica collective, and then, after that, with Body Heat), that performances and shows happen because an artist/performer decides they want them to happen. I mean, we didn’t have to wait for someone to say they wanted to see us stand up and read dirty queer stories that were inflected with a history and experience of trauma — we decided we wanted to do this, to share these pieces with the world, and so we figured out how to do it: we found a venue/show to collaborate with or booked a space on our own, we sent out press releases and info to papers and online calendars and we told all our friends and sent out announcements to mailing lists and we wrote and rewrote and practiced and then we stood up in front of a room full of people and shared our work. What a wonderful way to publish!

The first time we accomplished this, I was moved beyond words — this experience of being a writer-artist collaborating with other writer-artists, first of all, meant that I was part of something much bigger than me, meant that I’d found kindred spirits. Then, too, there was the fact that people came out to hear our work. Strangers and friends wanted to sit on hard chairs on a Friday night, they parted with well-earned money, they gave us their hours, and we got to give them back our words. This exchange is delicious, it’s dangerous, it’s an extraordinary gift that cycles around and through audience and performer.

When Body Heat takes off from Atlanta on Monday and heads to Huntsville (and then to Nashville, the Planet Ida, then Asheville, then Durham, then back around to the ATL!), we’ll find community there, strangers who want connection, and with whom we want connection as well. We’ll find that same generosity that I’ve experienced every time I’ve performed my work, which has nothing in particular to do with my work and has more to do with the seeking out of shared experience, the desire to come together with others and share in a performance, the making live of art that otherwise one consumes alone and maybe in isolation. An open mic, a reading, a spoken word event: these are incarnations of the old old way of sharing and passing on information, when the bards came through town. It’s a tremendous thing, to get to join the circle of bards. And the other thing? People will share their beds and food with us, they will want us safe and comfortable. This continues to amaze me, and puts gratitude in parts of my body that I didn’t know needed un-wall-ing, and I walk around after tour always quite a bit softer and more exposed.

Here’s the sometime else I’ve learned — there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this stuff, the creating of shows and events, the sharing of your art and wisdom with others. Is there a show that you want to see? You can make that happen — you can book time or space at a gallery or cafe for an open mic, you can find people willing to open their living rooms for a house party. There are people who need what you envision, what you have to share. If you can imagine it, you’re not the only one who wants it — just hold that possibility for awhile.

(Thank you for your envisioning, the connections you want to create, how you shape that into reality with your creativity — thank you always for your words.)


who taught him how to walk in high heels

graffiti of legs wearing tall heels, with the words, "if you wear 5" heels, you shouldn't have to pay for your meals!"

(click on the image to see more of Maya Shimizu's photos!)

I would like to still be asleep this morning. Some mornings are like that.


Body Heat begins this Saturday in Atlanta! People, this show is going to be gorgeous — with a line-up like this, how could it be anything but amazing: kathleen delaney, the Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins, Gigi Frost & Alex Cafarelli — these are high femme powerhouses!  I’m so honored to get to join them. Every year, I learn more and more about what’s possible for me as a queer femme dyke when I join up with the women on tour, and I come home a bit more open, a bit more solid in my skin and self, walking a bit taller, feeling that much more complicated, and thus more comfortable, in this queer femininity.

I’ve told you what Body Heat is, right? “Body Heat is a national touring collective of fierce Queer Femme porn/erotic authors, performers, poets, and dancers who offer a sizzling two hour performance, as well as a variety of workshops on sex and gender and erotic writing.” That is, Body Heat is a tour that showcases queer femme desire — what’s not revolutionary about that?

Here’s where to find the Heat this time around: We’ll be in ATL on Saturday, 4/16 at The Eyedrum – held @ The Goat Farm (with special guests Phoenicia Phoenixyz Battle & Margaret Cho!!), and then we move on out on Monday, 4/18, to Huntsville, AL — come find us at the Flying Monkey Art Theater. On the 19th we get to visit the Little Hamilton Collective (1318 Little Hamilton Street) in Nashville, TN, and on Wednesday the 20th we go to Planet Ida in Dowelltown, TN. Next, we’ll be at the Get Down in Asheville, NC, on Thursday, 4/21, and then on Friday we hit the Pinhook in Durham! After all that traveling around, we’ll head back to Atlanta for a Saturday afternoon workshop and show at Charis Books (and we’ll be joined again by special guest Phoenicia Phoenixyz Battle) — then there’s rumored to be a special house party somewhere on Saturday night!

Watch the Body Heat FB page for all the details, and please come out and say hello!


I haven’t shared a workshop write in awhile! Here’s a prompt and a write from Saturday’s Writing the Flood workshop.

Here’s the prompt: write down seven things that you or your character have forgotten. Then choose one (or let one choose you) and write.

And this is my response to that prompt:

Who taught him how to walk in high heels? His mother certainly never expected to have to put a line of tape down on the hard wood floor of their dusty living room and present her boy with that information: Put high heel pumps on this way, hold the sole in your one hand and press the show onto the opposite foot, or with platforms, if they have buckle, press your legs together and lean your knees to one side, swishing your skirt or the bell bottoms of your jeans out of the way so you can see to do up the strap. Then stand tall, see, shift your center of gravity some, lean back onto them — like that — good! And now its one foot in front of the other, directly in front, honey, and let your hips go — good, just let your hips go.

He wonders if even girls got that kind of instruction — it was the 70s, after all, and his mother was more after cork-soled comfort than platform boots by the time he started marveling through her closet after school, the days he got home so far before her, the days his name was latch key. He doesn’t remember how he learned this precious thing, this thing that separates the men from the boys, this thing that sail-sells his faggot flag high and free. He had no Queens to teach him and he doesn’t remember especially examining how the rich, trashy ladies on Dallas shifted their bodies when their feet were pitched forward in stilettos. Somehow, the knowledge got in, like somehow he got himself inside a fine leather bustier and a short denum skirt, like he got himself inside words like Darlin and Mary, like he got himself inside another boy’s drawers.

He knows not all the fairyu boyes, the girly men, like to put their weight inside sequins and feminiity, but he does — and he doesn’t remember when it landed clear as a furled fake eyelash that this made him no less of a man, but he carries that knowing in his bones like he carries the knowing how to let his hip, his hips, his hips shift easy like balls of butter in their sockets when he’s wielding a pair of high heels through a room full of wringing wet men, and this knowing his momma doesn’t know she gave him is what will save his life.


Thank you for all the things you learned that no one thought to teach you, and how you share that with others in so many different ways. Thank you for that wisdom and generosity. Thank you, today, yesterday, tomorrow, for your words.

Body Heat Spring 2011 Tour!!

We head out on into the deep deep (ahem) South in less than a month! Can’t wait!

Body Heat: Femme Porn Tour  2011

The fifth installment of Body Heat: The Femme Porn Tour is set to hit the road April 15th with a long-overdue focus on the South East.

Body Heat is a national touring collective of fierce Queer Femme porn/erotic authors, performers, poets, and dancers who offer a sizzling two hour performance, as well as a variety of workshops on sex and gender and erotic writing.

This fifth line-up will feature Body Heat founder and spoken-word performer Kathleen Delaney (Atlanta, GA.), published author and sex-workshop facilitator Jen Cross (San Francisco, CA.), The Femme Show founder & performer Gigi Frost (Boston, MA.), Erotic writer and versatile performer Alex Cafarelli (San Francisco, CA.), and graceful and elegant Burlesque dancer The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins (Atlanta, GA.). Special guests include Margaret Cho, Phoenicia Phoenixyz Battle and more!

Along with an arsenal of erotic song, dance, camp, poetry, smut, and prose, the femmes are often joined by special guests such as celebrated sexologists and authors Carol Queen, Diana Cage, and Shar Rednour. Body Heat often welcomes new local performers at various stops along the tour.

Body Heat has garnered such praise as “THE best Femme porn writers in the country,” (Center for Sex Positive Culture, Seattle, WA.) Kathleen Delaney founded the tour in 2007 with the hope of supporting and promoting Queer Femme visibility and desire through their contributions to erotica, the sex industry, the sex-positive movement, and in forming a more complex sexual identity through art and performance.

Body Heat Spring 2011 Tour Dates!

  • Saturday April 16th: The Eyedrum – held @ The Goat Farm, 9pm, 1200 Foster Street, Atlanta, GA. 30318 (special guests Phoenicia Phoenixyz Battle & Margaret Cho)
  • Sunday April 17th: TBA
  • Monday April 18th: Flying Monkey Art Theater, 2211 Seminole Dr SW, # 501, Huntsville, AL.
  • Tuesday April 19th: Little Hamilton Collective, 1318 Little Hamilton Street, Nashville, TN, 7pm
  • Wednesday April 20th: Planet Ida, 904 Vickers Hollow Rd, Dowelltown, TN., 8pm
  • Thursday April 21st, The Get Down, 1045 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC, 9:30p
  • Friday April 22nd, The Pinhook, 117 West Main Street, Durham, NC, 9pm
  • Saturday April 23rd: Charis Books, 1189 Euclid Avenue, Atlanta, GA workshop + reading/performance; 4pm Afternoon Tea Social (special guest Phoenicia Phoenixyz Battle)
  • Saturday April 23rd: House Party TBA, Atlanta

Hope to see you out on the road! Please come out and say hi!

allowing ceremony

graffiti: a white flower, a bluebutterfly and a big purple arrow, surrounding the words, "planting the seeds of change"It’s a Monday morning here, and beautiful — slow blue filling the sky, and I keep my eye out for the deer that like to stroll along the hill behind our apt building, munching on grass and weeds, keeping a kind of watch.


Thanks to all who came out for this month’s Writing the Flood! We had a fantastic gathering of folks in a new, gorgeous, peaceful space over in Berkeley — I’m imagining, for a time, that maybe we’ll move back and forth between San Francisco and the East Bay for this workshop. Our April Writing the Flood meets on the 9th, which is the second Saturday of the month — on the third Saturday, I’ll be celebrating good friends getting married, then will head south for the Body Heat: Queer Femme Tour!


This morning, I am thinking about the ways that we who have experienced trauma, in maybe any form, reinsinuate, reintegrate ourselves into humanity, into our communities, into something called family. This maybe isn’t writing that I can do on the computer — it’s too big and messy for the containment of typed letters and a little blog box. I don’t have an answer to this question; I still, often, feel outside of humanity — not above, but other(ed), unwelcome. That there are people, and then there’s Jen. That, too, the people around me know something about being human that I missed out on learning during the years our stepfather controlled almost every aspect of our lives, essential things about being a friend, being a coworker, being alive.

How do we undo this experience? I know I’m not alone in this feeling, even as that’s the point of the experience: to isolate. Those outside of the pack get taken down by predators.

And intellectually, I know I’m not outside of humanity — I, too, know that some friends, who are not trauma survivors, sometimes share this feeling of being outside, being other.

So I’m curious about the ways we are welcomed back into humanity, if we are at all. I think there used to be ritual, in the old religions/spiritual ways/ways of human engagement — I think there used to be ceremony to welcome, for example, the warrior back home. We need those rituals now. And what are the ways to welcome the raped woman/man/person, the child abused and neglected, back into connection and community? Rituals that would apologize and make amends even as they washed and said, we want you here, if you want to be here. What are those ways?

What are the ways you have found, to reengage with community, to again let humanity feel like a part of who you are (if, indeed, you ever felt inside of that experience)?

I have found it through political organizing, through social change work, through creative engagement/writing with others, through risky conversations with friends. I have found it sometimes when I was drinking, when alcohol let me drop that inside guard down — now I want to find the way to bring down that inside wall without need of drunkenness/selfmedication.

But there’s more that I want. I want a ceremony. I want a gathering of all the people, all my blood family on my mother’s and father’s side, friends of mine and my sister’s from elementary school,. jr high, high school, college, after college, friends and colleagues of my mother and father and stepfather (but not to have my stepfather there at all) and I want to be on open land near the sea, and I want candles and sunlight and blue sky, and I want us to tell our stories. All of us. This is who I was, this is what I went through after my mother remarried, this is who I am now. I want to spill it all out and be free of it, let it be out of my soft gut and low intestines and throat. I want to know that they all, all these people, all these connections, all this human family, help hold this story with me. What happened to us happened to all of us, happened to everyone who loved/s  us, happened to our whole community. When does our whole community, our whole enormous extended (human) family, get the chance to heal? And then I want to know their stories. I want to know what I can hold along with them that is too heavy for them to carry alone. That is a part of my experience and understanding of community and family. I want us to be fed well and joyfully, to have times to walk by the sea and lots of time to rest. I want dancing and hugging. I want someone facilitating the process, someone knowledgeable in the ways of loss and ceremony and human desire and spirit; I want to know that something bigger than us is there, holding us all, watching and grateful or at least nodding.

This is a big fantasy, but it could be a much longer write, with much more detail. Fantasy serves us very well sometimes, allowing us to step into desire that we can’t or might not want to or aren’t yet ready to act out or have come ‘true’ in the physical plane. Sometimes, fantasy is realization, too.

If there were a ceremony that you could design, that could bridge your way  (or your character’s way) back into a sense of community and/with humanity, what would that look like? Who would be there? Where would it be held, and at what time of year? Climb into the details, if you want to, and don’t call it ritual or ceremony if that’s triggering or doesn’t work for you — use the language that you prefer and like. Call it gathering or church or party or — give yourself 10 or 20 minutes. Follow your writing wherever it seems to want to go.

Thank you for your persistence and generosity of spirit. Thank you for all the creative ways you have allowed humanity to hold you, even when it has disappointed and failed you. Thank you for your words your words your words.

Body Heat — March 2010 Tour Dates and Venues!

The tour hits the road in just a couple of weeks — and I’m so excited to get out there and connect with folks again!!

The heat the heat the heat!


The fourth installment of Body Heat: The Femme Porn Tour is set to hit the road March 12th, 2010 with the tour beginning in Boston, Massachusetts and ending in Vancouver, Canada. The line-up will feature Body Heat founder and spoken-word performer Kathleen Delaney (Atlanta, GA.), Sister Spit vet, former slam champion, filmmaker, and writer Meliza Bañales (San Francisco, CA), published author and sex-workshop facilitator Jen Cross (San Francisco, CA), Nationally renowned singer / performer Nicky Click (Durham, NH), Erotic writer and versatile performer Alex Cafarelli (San Francisco, CA.), and the always intoxicatingly sophisticated, old school class, grace and smoldering style of Vagina Jenkins (Atlanta, GA).

Armed with an arsenal of erotic song, dance, camp, poetry, smut, and prose Body Heat was hailed by the Center for Sex Positive Culture (Seattle, WA.) as “The best Femme porn writers in the country.” These ‘pull no punches,’ ‘it’s never too nasty,’ power femmes are touring to support and promote queer femmes and their contributions to erotica, the sex industry and the sex-positive movement. Thru the use of art and performance they are literally, visually, emotionally, psychologically and socially revealing a more complex sexual identity for queer femmes. You can check them out www.myspace.com/femmeporntour or write femmeswriteporn@yahoo.com.

March 13th – Boston, MA.
@ Lily Pad
1353 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA.
(special guest Gigi Frost of The Femme Show)

March 14th – NYC
@ Bluestockings
Bluestockings Radical Books
172 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 777-6028
(special guest Gigi Frost & Diana Cage)

March 16th – Columbus, OH. – 1st night!!!!!!
1160 N. High
(special guests Viva Valezz & Missy Conley)
More info 614-564-7517
Email: skyecolumbus@sbcglobal.net

March 17th – Columbus, OH. – 2nd night!!!!!
sw corner 5th Ave. & High St.
More info 614-564-7517
Email: skyecolumbus@sbcglobal.net

March 18th – Milwaukee, WI.
@ The Tool Shed: An Erotic Boutique
2427 N. Murray Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211
(414) 906-5304

March 19th – Minneapolis, MN.
@ Bedlam Theater
1501 S. 6th St
(in the West Bank neighborhood of Minneapolis)
special guests Pzychic Slutz

March 20th – Ann Arbor, MI.
@ Aut Bar
315 Braun Court
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 994-0558 – office
$15.00 ($13.00 in advance)
(special guest Cookie Tuff)

March 21st – Chicago, IL.
@ Center on Halsted
3656 North Halsted, Chicago, IL 60613-5974
t (773) 472-6469 x 441
3pm – 5:30pm (matinee show!!!!!)
(also featuring local performer DeDe Dylynn)

March 22nd – Omaha, NE.
@ Connections
1901 Leavenworth Street, Omaha, NE 68102-3126
(402) 933-3033
time & door $ subject to change
ShadyBoi Productions

Body Heat would like to thank The Lloyd E. Russell Foundation and Carol Queen and The Center for Sex & Culture for their ongoing funding and support.

Body Heat: queer femme tour shows! this Friday and Saturday (1/29 and 1/30) in San Francisco!

The Center for Sex and Culture presents

a special SNEAK PREVIEW of BODY HEAT: a femme porn tour — 2010!

Sizzlin’ Fierce Fiery Queer Femme Porn – 2 Nights, 2 Different Shows! ***DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT!!!!!!!***

Friday, January 29 and Saturday, January 30
Cost $10.00 – $15.00 you pick :)
At the Center for Sex & Culture, 1519 Mission Street (between 11th and South Van Ness), San Francisco, CA 94103

Come to the Center for Sex and Culture for the one of these barely-legal Bay Area performances of the Body Heat: Femme Porn Tour. Each night will offer up decadent performances/readings by fierce local queer femme writers, performers and devastritixes!

These will be your only chances to catch Body Heat during this spring!

Both shows begin at 8pm SHARP, $10-$15 (help us fill the kitty for Body Heat’s 2010 cross-country tour!), no one turned away… FMI: http://www.myspace.com/femmeporntour

Friday, January 29th Performers:
Carol Queen
Kathleen Delaney
Jen Cross
Madison Young
Amelia Mae Paradise from Diamond Daggers

Saturday, January 30th Performers:
Shar Rednour
Daphne Gottlieb
Kathleen Delaney
Jen Cross
Alex Cafarelli
Lady Fantastique

Body Heat is a collective of fierce, sassy, irreverent Femme artists setting ablaze performance art communities and smashing Femme stereotypes. Porn, Kink, Smut, Erotica – Body Heat is not reclaiming our sex so much as OWNING it.

We will turn you on.

We will challenge all of your gender, sex, feminist, social, & political boundaries & assumptions.

We will entertain the hell out of you.

Mostly we will leave you panting, begging, dripping for more.



Center for Sex and Culture
1519 Mission St., bet 11th and So Van Ness, San Francisco!

the femmes of the Fall 09 Body Heat East Coast tour, tearing up the pool table in all the wrong ways...
fishnet knees, just before...