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Oh — the Pi is my new home…

… or could be.

It’s 2:30am and we have to be on the road at 7, and still…

What a show — so so many thanks to Shannon Blowtorch & Tara & Bennie at the Pi Bar. PEOPLE — when you’re in Minneapolis, get you to the Pi Bar. An amazing performance venue/bar/restaurant & music that will not let you get off the floor if the dancing is happening. Thank you Annie for the goodie bag!

Thank you Blowtorch & T. for the quarters & hospitality & tunes!

The Pi & the Twin-Cities Femme Mafia hosted V & I tonight for the third leg of the Body Heat tour — Kathleen rested her ailing self for one more day and so we brought her CD & her words, as we did with Celestina’s — we miss you both!

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