‘indelible erotic loss’

A man at the Indy Arts Expo this weekend stopped at Fresh!’s table (we were there to promote Affirmative Acts Coaching!), and this man and I talked a little bit about the writing workshops. I said I did a little bit of blogging, about sexuality, about sexual trauma, about writing as a transformative practice — he was very interested in what sorts of sex blogging I did, said, “I’m trying to figure out what about sex you write about.”

Here is what I want to have said: I write about sex in the aftermath of sexual trauma, I write about the scarred desire that remains. I write about that crystalline brilliance and shame. I write about indelible erotic loss, the way it fills our hands sometimes at the same time we are touching someone… I write about the madness of that split, the surrender and joy of it, too. I may not be what you’d expect of a ‘sex’ blogger.

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