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put your heart-work first

stencilled graffiti on concrete: I wish my brain had a map to tell me where my heart should go...

love this and totally get the sentiment -- I often feel like writing is the "map-making" that my heart does to help my head figure out where to go...

A good and full weekend — time with the Mr, time chilling in our house (get it?!? ha ha — nope, not funny), time apartment-visiting.


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who does she think she is to believe in herself that much?

graffiti of green grass with small red flowers poking up and the text, in black, "small flowers / crack concrete"

"small flowers crack concrete" -- what a perfect tiny poem for today

Thinking about a life worth living, and I’ve got a quick write this morning — I like how this regular blogging practice gets me to type up workshop writes a little more often!


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