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Our look here is in flux!

Just a short hello, all — I’m in the middle of playing with the layout here, and for the moment I’m quite enjoying the clean look with most of the background graphics gone!

Just wanted to make sure folks weren’t worried that their browsers were out of whack…

More soon — all best & be easy with you in your practice and your work,

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Podcast Answers – Day 1!

As I mentioned earlier in the week (in this post), I’m going to post longer, more well-thought-out (maybe!) answers to the questions that Britt Bravo posed to me during our Arts and Healing Network podcast conversation last week.

typewriter keys: typing ourselves whole! The first question on the list:
1. What are the Writing Ourselves Whole workshops?

Most basically, Writing Ourselves Whole offers transformative writing workshops, using the Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method, in the service of transforming trauma and/or struggles around sexuality into art, and creating spaces in which individuals may come to recognize the artist/writer within. (whew!)

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Podcast with Arts and Healing Network!

So, last Wednesday, bright and early before Fresh! & I headed down to LA for the Thanksgivingness, I had the pleasure of meeting Britt Bravo to record a podcast for the Arts and Healing Network‘s bimonthly podcast. How exciting! It was my first podcast, and only the second or third time I’ve talked to the “press” (-ish!) about what it is that Writing Ourselves Whole is all about. Great practice and a fantastic opportunity!

Britt had a list of questions that she thought we might get to, which were really useful for me! I want to get more comfortable talking (more succinctly!) about the workshops, about transformative writing, about Pat Schneider’s AWA method — so that I can help to spread the word not just about my workshops but about the uses of writing period!

The podcast comes out next month, and I’ll be sure to post a link/update here. In the meantime, though, I’d like to go about answering Britt’s questions in more detail here. Beginning Wednesday, I’ll be posting an answer to each of the following questions, two per week, for the next six weeks:

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