(pause) poem for a Monday

Good morning, brilliant writers. Happy Monday. How did the words find you this weekend?

I am familying this morning, so will return to the wiring about radical self care as upheaval later on today. For the time being, though, I’d like to offer a poem in honor of the second week of Writing Ourselves Whole Month – how does it inspire your own words? Grab your notebook, get your pen, and let yourself get ready to write.

Bird Left Behind

-Sophie Cabot Black

As for her, the circumstances must be ordinary
And so the return. Door unlocked. The path mowed
Right to the oiled gate; the pasture

Cleared of stone and alder. All untouched
Enough to enter. The man or woman
Off down the valley or working above

Treeline. No other sound but a few strays
Hurrying through the dusk as if the end
Will begin, certain and with nothing

More to say. She does not know she does not know.
Having come back to find her kind
And none being left she took herself up

Into a tree unclear what to do next save only
Sing the song she wanted sung back to her.

Follow your writing wherever it seems to want you to go.

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