lip-synching on the MUNI

graffiti -- girl with a word ballon over her head that has a heart in itSo, I never did get to the blog post yesterday — I’m sorry about that!  Wrote a first draft of a review, got some other big writing started, did a bunch of admin work then got off the computer because it was just too damn hot.

Here’s my make-up post! Now, Fridays are supposed to be the days that I talk about how odd it is that I’m running a business/organization — or at least that I’m attempting to. And although I spent a good part of yesterday on writing ourselves whole admin, I’m not feeling very business-y/organization-y today.

So I want to talk about your fight songs.

A few weeks ago, the Mr. introduced me to Abiola Abrams, through her once-upon-a-time podcasts, the Goddess Factory. And in one of these, MzLadyFierce Abiola talks about the power of a personal ‘fight’ song — remember the songs that got played at your high school football or basketball games? The songs that got the crowd cheering and singing along, and then that sent all that combined enthusiasm and energy down onto the field/court? She’s talking about a song that can get all that sort of fierce, powerful, excited energy into our limbs, our hearts — especially on the days when there’s difficult work to be done (whatever your difficult work is: returning phone calls or emails, cleaning the office, making clear to your boss that it’s time for a raise or new and more interesting work, starting a new writing project, or…).

What are the songs that get you pumped, get you excited for your day, for the work ahead? The’ fight’ song works nearly every time, has you singing along to and for yourself (as well as, sometimes, those you love and those you’re workin’ with).

For me, some are also songs that remind me who I am, all of who I am:

A Little Respect,” by Erasure (whole song: on youtube)

Filthy/Gorgeous” by the Scissor Sisters (whole song: on youtube)–  also, yes, please: I don’t feel like dancing (whole song: on youtube)

There’s more to love than boy meets girl” Jimmy Somerville/The Communards

(perhaps you could sense a theme here about jen’s inner 80’s faggot … *sigh*)

and, for something completely different:

Sin Wagon by the Dixie Chicks

What if no one’s watching by Ani Difranco (youtube)

Happy by Destiny’s Child

Oh — wait!  And: I am changing (from Dreamgirls) (vide0)

Ok.  This could go on a long time! Anyway, I put out a question on Facebook: what’s your fight/courage song?

Some of the responses were:

What’re we missing here? What song gets you charged up for your day, for your work, every time? What songs get you walking faster, smiling hard, dancing around the kitchen, lip-synching on the MUNI?  Let me know!

Thanks for you — be easy with you this weekend!

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