letting hugs in

graffiti of big brown bear holding a sign: free hugsThere’s a lot that I want to write about this morning — like, for instance, the meaning of the word ‘force,’ particularly when it comes to sexual violence and abortion.

But I have a staff meeting to get to.

So I want to just talk for a second about physical contact — are you getting your daily allotment? Even as someone who lives with their partner, there are weeks when I will go days without a hug — too busy, going too fast, no time to stop (and, yes, maybe too scared sometimes, too out of my body, too worried that a hug ‘means’ something else) — and then, no one hugs where I work.

In this project I’m in the middle of — the one where I’m working toward and learning about being more embodied — I’m allowing myself to ask for more physical contact from my sweetheart, and am letting myself be all the way there when we hug and touch.

Consensual, non-sexual touch is as positive for our mentalĀ  and psychic health as other forms of touch — is there more touch that you (or one of your characters) would like in your life right now? Want to write about what that would look like, for 10 minutes or so?

Thanks for your presence, the ways that embodiment feels ok to share with others — thank you for your words.

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