Follow your words — Winter ’13 Workshop Offerings!

heart vidaDo you have stories or poems, lines or images that want to find their way onto the page? Join one of our writing groups or workshops, and connect with an engaged and fiercely gorgeous writing community while you release those words onto the page!

Read on to learn more about Dive Deep (our advanced, manuscript-driven workshop), Write Whole (our trauma suvivors writing group), Meridian Writers (our daytime writing workshop for women) and Writing the Flood (our monthly writing group open to all).

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January 6 and 10: Dive Deep opens to new divers. DD is a manuscript-centered workshop, where your creative project will receive generous feedback, and where you can blossom into the fullness of your vision in supportive and engaged community.

This workgroup is designed for those who have delved into  (or are ready to commit to) the deep dive of a large writing project: a novel; poetry, story or essay collection; play or screenplay; daily blogging; preparing work for publication; or any other long-term writing project.

Yes, writing’s a solitary pursuit, but no writer completes a long work alone!

Divers meet three times per month for writing exercises, project check-in and accountability, manuscript feedback, coaching and peer support. This group can help you meet your writing goal, and provide community and encouragement as you go deep into a writing project. This is necessary work you’re doing: give yourself all the tools and support you need.

Two spaces are available. Contact me to bring your project into the fold!

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January 14: Write Whole-Survivors Write. 8 Monday evenings, 6-8:30pm. This session will be open to all trauma survivors; folks of all genders are welcome.

Survivors of trauma all need a place in which to open our stories to the page and have them held and witnessed in community. I am committed to making this group as accessible as possible. We have scholarships and a sliding scale available for this workshop, and can always work out payment plans. There are just a few spaces still open.

Gather with others who have experienced trauma and let your story find its words. We write in response to exercises chosen to elicit deep-heart writing, and deal with such subjects as: loss, body image, family/community, sexuality, dreams, love, faith, and more. You’ll be encouraged to trust the flow of your own writing, and receive immediate feedback about the power of your writing.

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January 16: Meridian Writers: A new midday writing workshop for women. Find your center. Write your story. Inaugural 9-week session meets Wednesday mornings, 9-12. Open for registration!

Meridian Writers is open to women seeking a fun, generous and supportive atmosphere in which to write together and support one another’s creative efforts. Using the Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method, we write together in response to exercises designed to spark your creative imagination. Writers of all experience levels are invited to join this community of writers who are ready to connect more deeply with their writing practice. At the end of our nine weeks together, you will have a strong new creative community, and a beautiful body of new writing. This group meets in Oakland near several BART stations (space is not wheelchair accessible). Spaces are limited to 9 writers per workshop session. Fees from this workshop help support Writing Ourselves Whole’s workshops for trauma survivors.

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January 19: Join us for the first Writing the Flood of 2013! Writing the Flood meets every third Saturday from 1-4:30pm. This is a writing group for anyone looking to prime the writing pump: using the Amherst Writers and Artists method, we will write together in response to exercises designed to get those pens moving, and get onto the page the stories, poems, essays, images and voices that have been stuck inside for too long. This is a time to play on the page, get started on new work, get creative with a larger project, or write yourself through a ‘block.’

We meet in Oakland, in a warm space near Lake Merritt! Come and write, then share in the tasty snacks and supportive writing community. Limited to 10 writers.
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Join us.  Allow your stories onto the page,  into the hands and hearts of community.

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