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12/1 – World AIDS Day

Put the red ribbon back on.  AIDS is not over

Today is World AIDS Day.
AIDS is not over.

I know we’re more than ribbons, that it takes more than that little flip of red material pinned to your sweater or shirt to bring about change in the world — and still, those ribbons mean something to me. They mean bravery and risk, the willingness to call attention to something that the larger community didn’t want to face.

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Fall workshops begin in October!

Registration open for Fall workshops!
Join us!

Beginning in October, I’m again offering three AWA-method workshops: our Monday night Write Whole group for women survivors of sexual trauma, the Tuesday night erotic workshop (open to all genders!), and our Wednesday morning women’s sensuality writing workshop!

Write Whole: Survivors Write
Monday evenings 10/6-12/1.
Gather with other women survivors of sexual trauma to create new art and new beauty out of the difficult and complicated realities of our lives. You’ll be encouraged to trust the flow of your own writing, and receive immediate feedback about the power of your words!

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Writing and healing in the news

Some time ago, I set up a GoogleAlert to let me know when the words “writing and healing” appear in a news artlcle or online posting. I’ve received some surprising and lovely results, mostly from small, local or regional papers/journals/blogs. This is the sort of news we (I, at least) don’t read every day, the deeply important, so-called “small” stories that aren’t receiving wide, mainstream attention.

Recently, I learned about the following:

  • The Wordcraft Circle oF Native Writers and Storytellers are back to host the ‘Returning the Gift Native Writer’s Festival’ in March, at MSU in East Lansing, MI.
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