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the thing about ruts is the familiarity

an abundnce of apples hanging off the tree in our backyard

there's no way we're going to use all the apples on our tree, but we're trying

Yesterday I just wanted to be in the kitchen, thinking of interesting things to do with apples — I made multi-grain apple muffins, we finished the apple butter, another batch of apple sauce — but didn’t get to the cider, yet, or the apple ‘cheese.’

We were out for much of the day, though, first on a walk around the neighborhood, then to the San Rafael-Civic Center farmer’s market, then to Oakland Pride then to ikea and dinner at foster’s freeze (oh yes) — with the ice cream first.
Here’s something I’m thinking about today: What happens when your writing’s in a rut? In my experience/opinion, it’s helpful to do something entirely different, either on or off the page — go someplace you’ve never been in your town, take the bus or ride a bike to work if you always drive, spend some time at the museum, go to the library, notice who’s around, or walk into a random aisle, close your eyes and pull down a book: what you grab might spark some interesting writing!

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