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Body Heat melts the snow

I’m writing to you from Vail, CO, where we were SNOWED IN last night (I-70 closed & highway patrol directing folks off the road at 1am). Fresh! helped finagle us a room in a hotel& spa, so though we’re not terribly rested, we’re at least clean and good-smelling! :)

We had a small show in San Diego at this wicked cute sex shoppe, The Rubber Rose, and it was beautiful! Now we’re pushing through our second long long day of driving, from Colorado to Missouri. We were supposed to stay at my dad’s place last night, just outside of Denver, but were thwarted by the weather goddess. The pass is open now though, and so we can get back on the road. Maybe we will be able to see my dad the interstate just for a hug… :)

Incredible scenery yesterday, and the kinds of conversations you can only have in the car.

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