something growing

a heart scratched into concrete, next to the word 'vida'Good morning! I’m starting a bit late today — Sophie let me sleep in, and then we went for a long walk (made longer by the training we’re doing of stop-start-stop every time she pulls at the leash).

I’m working with a new schedule during these workshops, and am taking the day after the workshop ‘off’ — this doesn’t mean I’m not working, but does mean I’m not going in to the day job. Already it’s feeling so good: I can come home after the workshop and spread out, emotionally, be present with what went well and what could have gone better, recenter myself, sleep in a bit and then do some good self-care work.

Today I plan to do some writing, maybe some baking, several more walks — what do you think: maybe yoga? At least some stretching. Yes.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Beautiful first Write Whole workshop last night — such stunning work that happens when people gather together to share their creativity! I’m already looking forward to next Monday.

And I’m really liking the online workshop, too! This is my first time trying out the online format, and there’s a big learning curve for me. I’m grateful for this growth– I’ll talk more about it as the course continues, but so far, it’s great that we get to connect with one another as it works for our different schedules, and I’m finally learning to make videos (sharing the prompts as videos gives me good practice)!  Powerful writing so far — I’ve got that writing to do today as well, my response to exercise #1.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Hard to concentrate on blogging today — I’m reading more dog-training stories (I need more ideas to help train Sophie not to pull at the leash) which leads me to videos which leads me to wanting to go out for another walk. It’s that time.

How’s your writing looking today? What about a lunchtime write?

Tell me about something that’s growing (whether in the ground or inside you or…)

10 minutes — you can allow your writing that time!

Thanks for all your patience today, your clear vision, the way you stop, take deep breaths, recenter. Thanks for your words, always for your words.

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