so much to say about being on tour

… and who can get it down in words? and I’m too caffeinated and not breakfasted/lunched enough to type very well…

from 4/14:

Easthampton (thanks Calvin! :), Boston (thanks, Aliza!), and then a workshop at MIKO (such amazing writers) & then a performance at BROWN UNIVERSITY (can you stand it? Thank you, Kristen! We were in a lecture — so fantastic. All I could think was, Will their version of the Review be there? :)

Tonight we get to go on Diana Cage’s Sirius satellite radio show: fmi — they want you to subscribe, but it looks like you can sign up for a free trial… we’re supposed to arrive at 11pm, and we go on the air at midnight.

then philly, dc, atlanta and then we end in asheville — can it be that we only have four shows left? Lord — how to go back to “real life” after this?

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