prompts for a summer Friday

graffiti of the Toronto skylinesometimes, when resolve arrives, there’s little left to say.

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This month’s Writing the Flood is going to be on 7/23 — can you join us?

One more thing: I’m humbled and grateful at the support I’ve received so far to attend the Tomales Bay Workshop this October. I’m just over half-way to my goal! The final payment is due on 7/14. If you can help in any way, I would so very much appreciate it — I’d love to share with you the writing that I get done there!

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Some prompts for a July Friday; take 10 minutes today and

– tell me about a city with which you or your character have an unrequited love affair;

– show me the first city that felt like home;

– describe what early July/midsummer felt like in the place you lived when you or your character were seven years old;

– then tell me what July/midsummer didn’t feel like;

– tell me who you (or your character) wanted to be when you were seven — what had given you that dream? What had drawn you to that vision/goal/life?

Practice letting your writing take you wherever it seems to want you to go. You’ve got 10 minutes today to write — start with one of these and then break off to what it is you really want to write.

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I’m grateful for your perseverance, how you let yourself follow through on your dreams, how you stand present with others who are working to do the same. Thank you for your honest complications, your necessary procrastinations, your creativity, your words.

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