The Icarus Project in Vancouver – this week!

For all my Northwest folks: Check out these amazing workshops that Kiran, Anthony, and Jacks from The Icarus Project are presenting in Vancouver this week! The folks at Icarus do amazing, accessible, layered, intentional, beautiful, exciting work around radical mental health issues — if you’re anywhere in the area, I absolutely urge you to attend!  – jmc


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4 Icarus Project Workshops – This Week!

Radical Mental Health in People of Color Organizing Communities – TODAY!
7:00pm – 9:00pm, Wednesday, March 30th
La Bicyclette Rouge
1227 Victoria Dr

Note: This workshop is intended as a safe(r) space for people of color and has limited space, please RSVP.

This will be a facilitated discussion around the issues and challenges that people of color experience in common when faced with addressing mental health concerns in their communities. The discussion is intended for people of color, and will be focused on drawing out the experiences of the group with the goals of sharing strategies and resources for radical mental health. The discussion will be facilitated by Kiran Nigam (AORTA, The Icarus Project) and Anthony Meza-Wilson.

Tea and cookies will be provided :)

Space will be limited to 20 participants, please RSVP to:

For more information:
La Bicyclette Rouge is not wheelchair accessible. There are approximately 10 stairs with a banister. Washrooms are standard, single occupant washrooms with minimal clearance and no rails.
Please no strong or artificial scents.!/event.php?eid=198774696823557

Bent, not Broken: Queer/Trans Lives and Mental Health

6:00pm – 9:00pm, Thursday, March 31st
at the UBC Student Union Building room SUB 206
6138 Student Union Boulevard

A radical community discussion of the intersections between queer and trans lives and experiences of emotional distress, “mental illness,” and healing, facilitated by Jacks McNamara (Icarus Project) and Kiran Nigam (AORTA).

In this workshop we will open space for creative investigations of queer/trans experiences with mental health that inspire us to break isolation, find our stories reflected, share strategies towards healing, a…nd build community resilience in the face of a shaming, crazy-making world.

Graciously hosted by:
the UBC Social Justice Centre
the Womyn’s Centre
and UBC Allies
For more info on the Icarus Project:
Feel free to distribute widely and share with friends.
Please minimize the use of artificial scents & perfumes.
This is a drug and alcohol free event.

Accessibility map:!/event.php?eid=183576495019326

Creating Spaces that Help Us Thrive: Radical Mental Health in Shared Housing
11:30 am – 2:30 pm, Saturday April 2.
at the DIY Dharma Lab #202 – 1814 Pandora St

Join us for a workshop about radical approaches to mental health. Experiences labeled “mentally ill” affect us all, especially when we’re living, working, or organizing in communities. There are a lot of big questions on our minds regarding mental health, such as:
What structures can we put in place to help prevent crisis situations from occurring, or min…imize their potentially negative impact on the community when they do occur? What can we do for our friends in times of extreme crisis to keep them from either getting locked up or hurting themselves?
What can we do after wards to help everyone heal? How can we minimize feelings of alienation, anger, sadness, insecurity, etc. and create communities that foster self-determination and support us all?

Using a popular education framework, we will explore these key questions together. We will also learn about what a Mad Map/ Wellness Map is and make our own maps to share with our friends and loved ones.!/event.php?eid=170526956331987

Collective Liberation and Radical Mental Health
3:30 pm – 6:30 pm, Saturday April 2.
at the DIY Dharma Lab #202 – 1814 Pandora St

How do privilege, oppression and collective liberation relate to radical mental health? How can we create communities that support our mental and emotional health as activists? Does the undertaking of collective liberation recognize diversity in mental health experience? Problematic binary definitions of mental health experience (you’re either “normal” or “crazy”) are rampant in mainstream culture. The Icarus Project recognizes …the multiplicities of mental health experience and strives to create a community that regards the range of diversity as something to be respected and even rejoiced in. In this workshop, we will explore ways to promote safer spaces in our communities. We’ll discuss the importance of sharing our personal stories, giving and receiving support, and building communities that are truly welcoming to all marginalized people. Using exercises like “Mad-Mapping” and skill-sharing, we’ll collaboratively envision structures for mental and emotional support, and dialogue about why such strategies are vital to collective liberation.!/event.php?eid=170026576381626


For more info on the Icarus Project:
Feel free to distribute widely and share with friends.
The DIY Dharma spaces is wheelchair accessible.
Please minimize the use of artificial scents & perfumes.
This is a drug and alcohol free event.

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