truths in our fictions

Brilliant drawing of hyenas laughing

from Dorian Katz's "The Hyena Report" -- click the image to see more of her amazing work...

I need to be at the bus stop in half an hour — yet, here I am in front of the computer and what should be, but isn’t going to be, my morning write. Some writing on the bus, maybe —

Last night was getting to hang out with the very amazing Dorian Katz and Poppers the Pony, and her/their students at Stanford; she’s teaching a class called ” Drawing the Imaginative Figure: Characters, Alter-Egos, Avatars and You,” which I just love; we did some writing exercises designed to bring us into our alter egos. I wish I could spend the rest of the semester with them, seeing what all they do with the characters they were embodying last night! Dorian’s a generous teacher and powerful role-model; imagine if you’d had her as a professor in college!

We talked about the sort of truths that can emerge through our fictions —

I want to remind folks about the Body Empathy workshop coming up on the 13th of this month (can it already be November?): this is a day-long writing and body mindfulness workshop for all queer/genderqueer/same-gender-loving/trans folks who are also survivors of sexual trauma. We provide a light breakfast as well as lunch, and move back and forth from writing exercises to movement exercises, gently easing us into different parts of ourselves. Let me know if you can join us!

Also, this month’s Writing the Flood will be on Nov. 20 — I’m looking forward to that workshop, too; I like how the culture of the Flood workshop is shaping up!

No more time today, but what about this article? Introverts unite (just not all at one time, ok? :)

Thanks for your gentleness today, your presence with your resilience and ferocity, and thanks, thanks, for your good writing, for your words!

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