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my body awakened after clutching it out of your bones

rainbow lines on a brick wallThere’s quite a bit I want to write about this morning. We went to see For Colored Girls last night, and I honestly don’t know if I can talk more about it before I completely re-read the text. It’s definitely a Tyler Perry joint, it’s definitely, too, worth seeing. There’s a graphic rape scene — just know that, ok? And quite a bit of other graphic violence. Shange’s words are amazing, and seeing spoken-word on screen is always a delight. See it, and maybe go with someone you can head to the coffee shop with afterward so you can keep on dishing and talking about what you just saw.


This morning I’m thinking about that room of our own, about writing retreats and residencies, about making space and time for our creative voices and visions. About having room to breathe under capitalism, having room to cry and think, having room to risk and imagine. Just thinking. That’s what I’ve got time and money for right now. But that’s a lot.

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