office rental

Rent the Writing Ourselves Whole office!

Writing Ourselves Whole workshops are primarily held at our peaceful, quiet office at 13th and Franklin in downtown Oakland, near Civic Center. However, we only use the space part time and would love to share!

The office is available weekdays/evenings and some weekends. It would work well for therapists, counselors, coaches, workshops, and groups. Bodyworkers, bring in a table and have a peaceful space for your practice. There’s seating enough for fourteen in the office, though that would feel tight; we’ve had groups of ten meet comfortably.

The office is located on the fourth floor, located at the back of the building (and thus away from construction and traffic noise). Windows bring in filtered light. There are restrooms on each floor; in the office itself, there’s a couch and comfortable chairs, desks, coffee/tea pots. There is no waiting/reception area associated with the office specifically, though there is a small waiting area just out in the hall. Elevators make the office accessible to all. Space is available immediately. $30/hour for daily rental; monthly rates available for on monthly rentals. For more information, contact Jen!