absolutely first

black graffiti (on a faded brick wall) of a paper airplane in flightIt’s all fog outside my windows this morning, and foghorns, and one owl. The air is greened and thick, and the puppy can’t wait to get out into it.

What’s it like where you are? How are you welcoming this Friday into you?

Here’s an offering for today, from Eric Maisel’s Coaching the Artist Within (pp xviii-xix):

At six the next morning I’m at my computer writing. I write every morning, seven days a week, for at least an hour and on good days for three or four: I try to sell the idea of regularity and routine to my clients, the idea that some significant percentage of the disappointment they feel about not creating will evaporate like sun-kissed mist if only they will commit to getting to their creative work first thing every morning. Creating should come first, absolutely first, before their yoga, before their mental chatter begins, before they start dressing for work or hauling the kids off to school. If they could only bring their “new-morning” mind to their creative work, they would work like angels. This is one of my coaching mantras.

How can you put your creativity, your creative self, absolutely first in your day? That’s a prompt-thought for today, whether you write in response or just let the question float through you.

Thanks for your eyes today, all the beauty that you see and offer, and for the hope and revolutionary need that brings you back to the page, the pen, the colors, your creative work. Thanks for your creations. Thanks for your words.

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