Workshop forming for mixed race women

I received this note from Esther, a former workshop participant — write to her at if you’d like more information about hew new workshop:

“Hi Jen, Now that we have graduated from the Master’s program at New College, one of my classmates, Monalisa and I are starting up a writer’s workshop! This group is for all mixed race women of color who are interested in generating creative writing, memoir, and other multi-genre literary work to reflect their experiences as multi-racial women of color. Our concentration is on experimental lit, but linear, traditional narratives are welcome as well. We will also be performing as part of New College’s local writer series at a public reading in the coming months. Please let me know if you have any workshop participants that might be interested, and tell your friends! We’d really like to get the word out and grow as a community. We submit our work to the group on the second weekend of every month, then meet up for coffee during the fourth weekend, to go over each other’s work and in general, just bond as a community of mixed race writers. Hope you are doing well! -Esther”

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