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whipping girl (thanks, Julia!)

cover of Julia Serano's Whipping GirlGood morning! There was a small crescent moon out my kitchen window when I went up to fill the tea kettle earlier today … waning, heading toward dark. Time for casting off old habits, no?

After wrangling with a specifically internalized-femme-phobic kind of shame yesterday (yes, and maybe it’s still trickling through me), I want to say that reading the essays in Julia Serano‘s Whipping Girl is an amazing antidote! I finally got my own copy at Charis Books in Atlanta (this was exactly the book I wanted to buy at a feminist collective) when we were there for a workshop and our final performance last weekend. Julia’s writing is just filling me up, reminding me of the solidarity, in particular, between/among transwomen and femme dykes. Julia takes on transmisogyny, hostility toward femininity as a powerful part of sexism (one that, unfortunately, much of mainstream feminism has bought into), and so so very much more. Check out the Introduction, then go get your copy.

More soon. I’m grateful for you.