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photo prompt: what’s growing today?

graffiti of a flower (with a bright face!) growing up the cracks between two buildings

Good morning! An image/photo prompt for today: What stories are pushing at the edges of you today, what words are growing up out of the cracks inside? Spend a moment with this thought, with the image, then let yourself drop down into the page — Take ten minutes this morning, and follow the tendrils of your words wherever they seem to want you to go!

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together we will dismantle the systems that broke our hearts

Companer@, I know that you are hurting but you are still alive you will survive and together we will dismantle the systems that broke our heartsThis stunning bit of graffiti was right near the lake where I live — what systems are you dismantling this morning, inside or out? Where is your heart broken today? Whose hands are you reaching for?

Here’s some gratitude today for your broken heart, your reaching hands, your good and reaching and resilient words.