small and gentle, every day

graffiti: I'm expressing myself!Up and ready to head to Sacramento for my first workshop there! Today’s workshop is  Reclaiming our Erotic Story: the Liberatory Potential of Writing DesireI woke up a bit before my alarm went off, ’cause I’m so excited about this one. It’s a full house for a full day of claiming and diving into the layers and complexities of our own erotic stories!

I get to connect with several of the Sutterwriters facilitators today, too — Sacramento folks, you’ve got an AWA goldmine up there, a whole networked community of writing workshops. John Crandall, of Crandall Writers, is hosting today’s event. Thank you, John!


I’ve got “Rules of the Road” from Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way, right next to my computer right now — a list of 10 ‘rules’ or practices for encouraging our artist selves. Number three, which has been bringing me to tears recently, reads: Set small and gentle goals and meet them.

I’ll write more about this soon, but right now my small, gentle goal is to be on the road by 7, which means getting in the shower now. I want to invite you to consider that possibility for your artist self: what’s a small and kind-to-you artistic goal that you could work toward or meet this weekend? The goals I set are often very big: write book. No, it’s publish book. What’s a small step in that direction? Write a small section? Write for 30 minutes?

What are your big goals? Want to take one and piece it out into smaller steps — those steps, don’t we all know, add up to something big and necessary.

Thank you for your youness today. Thanks for your words!

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