Special Events and Readings:

April 23: Locker Room Talk: Confronting Sexual Assault in the Age of Trump For Sexual Assault Awareness Month, “Locker Room Talk” presents motivational speakers, an expert panel discussion, and artists’ performances to address how electing a sexual predator to the Presidency impacts our social climate… especially efforts to curb the sexual assault epidemic. With Culture of Consent, Planned Parenthood Mar MonteBAWAR(Bay Area Women Against Rape), The Body Is Not an Apology, and featuring Mona WebbMelanie HamlettSonya Renee TaylorKitty Strykerand Austin Willacy, and Writing Ourselves Whole (among others!). Sunday, April 23, 4 PM – 8 PM, East Bay Community Space, 507 55th St., Oakland, CA 94609. Tickets and more details here


April 29: Perverts Put Out – PERVERTS PUT OUT!’s MAYDAY! EDITION: The First of May is traditonally Workers’ Day and this year marks a national day of resistance. And hey, it’s spring and the sap is rising! Perverts Put Out! celebrates all that…and more. Co-hosts Dr. Carol Queen and Simon Sheppard and some of the world’s most brilliant pervert performers will fly the flag of lust-soaked resistance. Join us! Saturday. April 29th, 2017. Doors 7:00, show 8:00. At The Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission Street, San Francisco, $10-20 sliding scale, no one turned away. (Show’s always a benefit for the Center for Sex and Culture).

See each group’s page for more details, fee information, and more!


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  6. Hi there! We’ll be meeting in San Francisco, this time a few blocks from Powell St BART. Send me an email at, and I can get you more information —


  7. where does the women’s survivor group meet? I’m looking at the 8 wk session beginning in January. Thx, Trash

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  10. Hi Christina! Thanks so much for checking in — we meet 7:30-9:30pm, every fourth Wednesday (unless otherwise noted) at the Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission St., between 9th and 10th. Hope to see you there on Wednesday!

  11. Christina Flinders

    I am very interested in attending the reading circle this Wednesday September 28th. What time does the session start? Thank you!

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