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cover for The Healing Art of Writing 2010My stories, creative nonfiction, essays, and reviews have been published in anthologies, magazines, online ‘zines, newsletters, and newspapers. I’m currently working on several longer projects (a novel and a collection of essays about writing as transformative practice for trauma survivors), as well as continually generating and polishing shorter pieces for performance.

Some of the books below can be found on Amazon or Powell’s Books or ABE; Amazon links provided here for your reference… please support your local independent bookstore!

(The following were published under the name Jen Collins:)

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  2. Hi Shahn! :)

    So many thanks for this comment and question! On the “Sign Up / Contact” page, there are boxes you can check in order to buy chapbooks — and folks can either pay by check or through paypal (some info about that is on the Sign Up page, too).

    best best best!

  3. Hello! How do I get my hands on your chapbooks? Where can I send my dollars??

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