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Perverts Put Out pre-Dore Alley, on July 28!

Jen reading at the CSC, 2012from the scandalously fabulous Simon Sheppard:
It’s time again for…

The Dore Alley Edition

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living (and writing) myself into the questions

blue graffiti of a question markGood morning good morning. The candles are quiet in their glass containers this morning, the city waking slow into the thick grey, the dawn a long hover. What are you letting hover inside you this morning?

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Quick reminders — here’s what’s coming up, workshop-wise:

Writing the Flood meets on the fourth instead of the third Saturday this month, on 7/28

Write Whole: Survivors Write begins another 8-week session on August 6

– The next Coming Home erotic writing salon meets on August 4!

To register for these or with any other questions, contact me!

~ I’m teaching a master class on embodied writing with Memoir Journal on August 25 (to register for this workshop, visit the Memoir Journal site)

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This morning I am thinking about answers, about questions and clarity, about the uses and practice of writing. Yesterday I started reading Yearnings: Embracing the sacred messiness of life, by Irwin Kula, the first chapter of which opens with this:

‘When you’ve got an answer, it’s time to find better questions.’

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Workshops: Summer ’12 Write Whole session begins August 6!

Because July means travel and vacation for so many people, I have postponed the Summer session of Write Whole until August! The new dates are below — if you or someone you know would like to join us, please let me know.

The next Write Whole: Survivors Write workshop will begin on Monday, August 6, 6:00-8:30 pm, and will run through Monday, October 1. We can have a maximum of 9 writers in this workshop — please let me know if you would like to join us! This workshop is open to all women who are survivors of sexual trauma.

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when it’s time for independence

graffiti of a pocket watch (the hands read just past 12 o'clock) on a green background with a bird hovering, seated, just to the upper leftWhat a good morning is this morning: lovely cool morning air that promises to heat up as the sun fully takes over the evening damp; a puppy who gets to run in the park grass, gets to leap high in the air for her ball; morning pages and candlelight alongside green-anise-cardamom tea.

What happens when it’s time for something new? When it’s time to claim independence from some part of yourself, to allow another part of yourself to rise?

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