the body lands on yes

(Photo by Marc P/Flickr)

Last week, she said, At the end of the day, the body always lands on yes.

What if that’s true?


Here is a poem I have for today, for this today, for now. I’ve shared this before, though maybe not on the blog, but it works again today.

Father’s Song

by Gregory Orr

Yesterday, against admonishment,
my daughter balanced on the couch back,
fell and cut her mouth.

Because I saw it happen I knew
she was not hurt, and yet
a child’s blood so red
it stops a father’s heart.

My daughter cried her tears;
I held some ice
against her lip.
That was the end of it.

Round and round: bow and kiss.
I try to teach her caution;
she tries to teach me risk.


What if we can trust what our bodies are telling us, even right now?

(Thank you)

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